I’m an Assassin in My Dreams – What Does It Mean?

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I have really dark and twisted dreams. I’ve tried looking up the meanings in dream books, but there aren’t clear-cut analogies for conducting assassin-type warfare in your deep sleep. I kill in order to defend myself from being killed, and it’s usually hand-to-hand combat that begins with an ancient silver sword and ends with my fists (if need be to get the job done).

Just this last week, in my dream, I killed about a dozen people who were the enemies of my several thousand-year-old Japanese gang. My weapon was a beautiful, silver, grim reaper style scythe. It was short, only about three feet long, and I carried it with me on my waist. I had never used the sword before and in defense of my life, had to figure it out quickly in order to beat modern day samurai. The dream ended with me unscathed, but I woke up, as I normally do, thinking, “What the hell?”

Does anyone else have dreams like these? Or have insight into what killing someone in a dream means?


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