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I Mostly Don’t Remember My Dreams, So What’s This About?

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My husband and I are with a young child. (Ours? We have just started trying to get pregnant the past two months.) The child (four-ish) keeps running and we are on an uneven path, with a steep, rocky edge and a shallow riverbed. We try to keep up; my husband has his arms out on either side like guardrails. Other kids are running and their parents don’t seem to worry, I think we are strangely overprotective.

Then I am with my niece (but several years younger than she is now). She is acting out (which she rarely did), not doing what I ask, and is pushing the limits. She runs into the street and almost gets hit; she thinks it’s funny and grabs hold of the passing truck. I grab hold of her foot, which stretches far beyond what is humanly possible until she falls away from the truck (that she is hurt from) then she and I are in line to get food. I am trying to call work (I am going to be late), but there is no answer. She runs away as we approach the counter to order. I reprimand her and make her sit on the stairs just outside the door. Next to the stairs on the outside of the building there are some wires sticking out and she (for fun) touches them and is electrocuted. She is okay and thinks it again is funny. I am very angry and just leave her on the step and go inside to buy myself something to eat.

We arrive back at my parents; there is a foul smell. I look around and see the laundry room door is closed. I look inside and there are three ferrets sleeping on the unfolded laundry, and this is where the smell is from. I go upstairs thinking how my parents just let things go and don’t take care of their home. In the kitchen, scraggly fox or coyote come wondering in and out. A few have a missing limb, also a weird boar-like animal appears vaguely. Then I see my cat (who is deceased), and he now has a front leg missing, so I thought at first he was a coyote. I hug him. Then I am trying to find my cell phone for the number to my work, I can’t find it and no one is helping me. I finally resort to calling information for the number. I call work, the phone rings and when it is answered I can’t remember my boss’ name, so I just say this is constant because whoever answers knows I am the one who did not show up to work. I feel sick and know I am fired.

Then my husband and I are in my hometown (a place we are considering moving to) at a big restaurant or something. I see two girls from a past workplace. I recognize their faces, but cannot remember their names. I say hi anyway. They want me to say their names, but I can’t. I try to tell them where/how I know them (which was fifteen years ago), but they are insulted by me and leave.


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