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I'm Attracted Yet Hateful Towards Him

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I had this dream where I was grown up. I had my own place, a job at a night club, and a roommate named Suzette that always dressed in 1864 style dresses and hid under my bed or covers all day except when she has to use the restroom and to eat. The apartment looked like my grandmother's house but more my style and obviously smaller. My room was a nice purple and had a purple bed with a swirly black headboard. And the door was in the living room and not the kitchen like my grandmother's. I remember watching television and an attractive guy came in with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. When I saw him, I felt hatred towards him. He resembled Logan Lerman but I knew he was someone else. He came in with bags and asked me "Do you remember me?" I said "I have never seen you in my life" "Just keep thinking kitty cat" was his reply and gave me a irresistible smile. I'm guessing that my name was Kat in the dream when my real name isn't even close to that. I just kept my mouth shut and he put his stuff in a room. And before he came, I remember the man that runs the complexes said that Suzette and I are getting a new roommate. I complained to the man saying the cute guy can't live here but he said he has to. So I guess nighfall came and I had the night off of work but I invited him to the club since he was new. He was really cocky and dressed in expensive clothing. Something like what Lestat from Interview With the Vampire would wear. And I was drinking some clear liquid by the bar and he just kept looking at me. I knew he was a vampire. He finally came and when I wasn't looking he put something in my drink because I blacked out. The next morning I woke up in my bed next to him. I got furious and slapped him. He instantly woke up and asked what that was for. I asked him why, why did he rape me? I remember catching glimpses of him in the process and I felt nothing. No pain, no pleasure. And what I saw was just skin, our backs, our shoulders, and our faces. I saw his fangs come out and bite me. Again, I didn't feel anything. He said that I sure enjoyed it and I slapped him again saying that he drugged me, it wasn't real. I started crying yelling at him that I wanted to be a virgin forever. And there was something in his eyes I never saw before.

I don't know this boy or Suzette. Please interpret this. Yea I'm a small fan of Logan but I don't need a cocky look alike raping me and biting my neck. But I don't know why I felt an attraction plus hatred towards the vampire. I'm a teenager, I've never had a boyfriend and obviously still a virgin. I hate when I get dreams that there's a guy and.....stuff happens. It makes me feel gross.


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