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Individual Interpretation

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I do believe that, yes, you can interpret your dreams, but I do not believe that the meaning of one person’s dream is the same in someone else’s. I do believe that interpretations are an individual thing—different from person to person.

I still think that all the guides that are out there are helpful. I am not saying that you should just toss them aside. I like to keep all the doors open. But then again, I can dream about something that means something strongly to me, spiritually or emotionally or what it might be, and no one else will be able too know what it means then me.

I believe that when we sleep, our mind is open on a subconscious level. We might be open for supernatural contact or something like that. It is also said that you learn better when you are asleep. I have never tested this theory myself. I can dream about things that have happened, may happen, or that is going to happen. Sometimes I can dream the exact dream twice, but with some time apart after each other. Sometimes I also continue dreaming a dream where the previous one stopped. Sometimes I can even walk around by own will in my dreams.

I dream at my best when I lay down on my back, early in the morning. That’s when dreams come easy to me. But what is dreaming? There are many theories. The one I think is least likely is that you dream about what you last thought off before falling asleep. Another theory is that your brain dreams about stuff you have done during the day or some previous day. There’s also a saying that you dream every night; you just do not remember it.

For me, it is very unlikely that you dream about what you thought about last. That has not happened to me in a long time and very few occasions—almost never. And, sure, the brain can use things you have done or places you have been in your dream because I think that your brain is familiar with the place or the stuff and therefore weaves it into the dream world. I also find it very unlikely that you dream every night and do not have a memory of it. The brain also needs a rest sometimes.

And about interpreting your dreams. I try to interpret them when I see fit, when I think that my subconscious want to tell me something. I do not claim to be any form of medium or in good contact of anything supernatural, but as I said before, I think that our subconscious works in our favor, awake and asleep, and I want to keep in good contact with that. It may try to tell you about a danger, something to keep an eye out for, or something good and relaxing.

The tip I have is to try to figure out what something means in a dream for you. How it’s connected to you; if you can do something about it. And if you see symbols or numbers or something like that in your dream that seem to have caught your attention, write or draw it down as fast as you can. As I mentioned before, it might help you sometime in the future to try to tell you something. Something that you remember clearly in the morning may be a bit blurry by lunchtime. Then you will regret it.

And don’t always take your dreams too seriously. Sometimes they’re just too wacky for words.


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