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Love Affair, not cute

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It's clear, very clear to me
That this man is totally crushing on me.
It's not wrong, so can it be right?
I never even looked at him in that kind of light.
But on this day he struck my attention.

It wasnt because he said hello, it was more of a friendly smile
His eyes say so much, lips with no words; entranced I was for a while
We see eachother on our daily commute
In a secret love affair that's unreal and not cute
Because I dont know his name and neither he know mine
But for 36 minutes each workday I'm suspended in time

I daydream out the window, starring through the glare
His clothes are not pressed, he's a hard working man
Covered in paint from head to shoe, sweating from outside heat
I want to invite him over for a bath, soft music, and something to eat


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