Mad Hatter

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So, this dream never took place in my perspective; I was someone else, though I’m not sure whose perspective it actually was. 

There was a man and his daughter and they were in some park, when some people suddenly started chasing them. They were running away from the people when the man said, “Let’s go to the basement.” So they ran down a flight of old stairs and ended up in a run-down subway station. They then got on a train and sat next to a lady. The lady looked at them and said, “The route changed. We were going like this,” she then drew a straight line on a white surface with blood, and said, “but now were going like this,” and drew a curved line underneath it. She then looked up again and said, “Have you met the Mad Hatter?” Everything then went to a very bright and blinding white. Then suddenly a line of figures all pitch-black with white clothing walked across the white background. I tried to scream or move but I couldn’t, I then woke up.


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