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Well, I’m in space, but it looks like I’m on a cliff with a waterfall running down it and it looks like the rain forest with all the plants and trees, but no animals and it’s like part of the rain forest floating in space. I’m at the top of the cliff beside the waterfall and I’m looking down the side of the cliff, which is really high and I’m scared. Suddenly these four younger boys, not quite teenagers, but not children either, appear beside me. They all say I should jump with them over the cliff. I’m scared and don’t want to. Then they jump and for some reason I jump too. We don’t fall; it’s like we float down and we all land beside the waterfall. Then we’re all in this house and I’m older, an adult.

We’re eating and there’s a man at the end of the table, but I can’t see his face because it’s shadowed. Then we all walk outside and there are billions of stars it seems. Suddenly a golden, winding path appears and seems to lead off into space. One of the boys say he must leave and he runs onto the path and disappears. We all get sad. Then another boy says he has to go. He has a lamp with him and walks off into space until he disappears. The remaining boys are clutching at me and I have my arms wrapped around them and we’re all crying. Then I woke up.


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