Magnet Dreams

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I read up on using magnet rings when you sleep. It supposed to help your circulatory system it also causes you to have vivid dreams also.

I have been using them about six months and was having a lot of dreams that seemed so real that it would wake me up. Some dreams I couldn’t remember.

As I continued to use them for a while I had this dream that two black figures where standing at the foot of my bed watching me. I had a really uncomfortable feeling about these figures, as I watched them I came to realize that I wasn’t sleeping but wide awake. As I realized that this was for real I began to command them to leave. It took a few times of telling them to leave, after the third time they left. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. It was about two thirty in the morning when I experienced this. I thought about for sometime now I know there is something to it. But I can’t figure out what the two dark figures meant.

I went about six months before using the rings again. I’m using them now but haven’t experienced the dark figures returning.


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