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To Make a Decision

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Ok, so this dream has a recurring theme, sort of, but I can’t help thinking there’s more to it than what I have figured out. I had this dream the night before an important court date that was to decide whether my daughter would be able to come back to live with me. She is five and I allowed her to go live with her father, against my better judgment and have regretted it since.

In this dream I am in a small shop I’m searching for the herb section. I ask what I assume to be the owner of the shop and she assures me they are in the back of the shop. However, when I go to look, I see nothing there, but lots of empty-looking boxes. As I get closer I can tell the boxes aren’t empty, but they don’t contain what I’m looking for, either nor do they have anything that is what it should be. As I wander around looking through the store, I can see that EVERYTHING in the store has two copies: a box with the real thing and another box with a fake, wooden counterpart. The boxes are all side by side and as I examine them, I start to notice that nothing is what I’m looking for.

In one section of the store, I see boxes of dinosaurs. In another I see many eggs. I make a mental note that I ought to see if I can find some stones (I have a small container of them on my nightstand in waking life) to add to my collection as I go to examine the eggs more closely. I pick one of each box, the real version in my left hand, and the fake, wooden one in the other. I decide I want to buy one and find it hard to make a decision on which I should take home. I know the wooden one is fake and won’t do me any good, but it is also cheaper. I decide maybe I should take both even though I’ll overdraw my account and say to myself that I’ll be able to put it back later when I find a job (I’m currently job-hunting in waking life). I turn around to check up, but wake up before I get to the counter. PLEASE if you have any ideas on what this may mean, contact me and help me. I know it’s supposed to help me.


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