Making Good Decisions

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One of my online friends had a dilemma. He sent me a message asking my opinion about his problem. He didn’t know if he should study on the University at his city (city one) or should if he should study at the University of city two.

I told him to ask this question to the unconscious mind. Dream interpretation according to the scientific method helps you always make good decisions. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams knows everything and answers all your questions.

My friend sent me two dreams that contained the unconscious answers to his question.

Here is my answer to his message:

Dear Friend,

The unconscious messages in your dreams were very clear.

Let me analyze your first dream:

“I saw you in my dream. We were sleeping in the living room of my parents’ house, in the same bed (every night I sleep in this bed). In fact only you fell asleep, although we talked something a short time before. You practically didn’t let me sleep because of your body position that was occupying all the bed and almost pushing me out of bed. You took my space.”

The living room is an important place of your parents’ house because it is the place where they receive visitors. This means that the unconscious mind is giving you an important lesson. The fact that we were sleeping at your parents’ house indicates that you are being influenced by your anti-conscience (mother) and by your one-sided conscience (father).

I represent a part of your personality that is intelligent and can help you overcome your problems. I’m sleeping because this part of your personality is not really working—it is sleeping—this means that you are not paying real attention to this positive part of your personality because you are influenced by your anti-conscience and your one-sided conscience (your parents).

You were trying to hide me from your anti-conscience because you are afraid of your anti-conscience (your mother). I was occupying the biggest part of your bed because the positive part of your personality is influencing you a lot, even though this part is still not active enough (because I was sleeping).

This dream was basically showing you that you have to stop fearing your anti-conscience and give more importance to the positive side of your psyche (represented by me).

This was an answer to your question. The unconscious mind was showing you that you have to trust your positive side instead of being afraid of your craziness.

However, the truth is that the unconscious mind had already helped you make your decision in the old dream you had two months ago:

“I was in a train with two girls … I got along with those two girls (one of them looked nice) and I had a good time. I told them that I am going to study in city one. They were very disappointed … They hoped that I would study in city three. (city three is a beautiful city). However it’s impossible for me to study in that city … I can study only in city one or city two.”

The train indicates that you have no alternatives in life—your life is following the narrow route of a train that cannot be changed. The girls are related to the opposite sex, and the one you liked represented your anima. This dream is clearly showing you that if you study in city one, you won’t evolve; you’ll merely follow a narrow life route that won’t help you in any way.

The girls you’ll meet in your life will be disappointed by the fact that you studied in city one.

Therefore, you should study in city two; city three represented city two in the dream. City two is a bigger, beautiful city. It is more interesting than city one, which is your own city.

The unconscious mind was showing you in the dream you had about me that even though you know the right answer, you are still afraid of your craziness (your mother) and you cannot simply trust your judgment (the intelligent part of your personality that is sleeping).

You should have paid attention to the unconscious messages in the dream about the train and the two girls. It was clearly answering your question a long time ago.


If you have a dilemma, you should make questions to the unconscious mind and wait for its answers in your dreams.

The wise unconscious mind will always help you make good decisions. You only have to pay attention to the unconscious messages in order to discover which options really are the best ones for you. You’ll also understand why they are the best ones for your case. The generous unconscious mind gives you many explanations in each dream. All questions receive a clear answer.




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