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Many Dreams Hard, but Not Impossible to Fulfill

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I dream of being a gospel musician, a published writer, a preacher and I have this craving to make a documentary on environmental degradation because global warming is real and undesirable. The list is big but those are the core dreams I carry. Everyone carries dreams and aspires to achieve them, that is why I have had a stint in music but did not have the money to accomplish my dream and the producer did not have the ethics required to finalize my work. I have several poems written and novels started but cannot afford publishing costs. I preach on a Christian Radio sometimes and in my church and I have taken several photos on the environment.

The dreams hang in a balance with not much capital to start them but there is a hope, that I have made a start. Unless a start is made to make a dream real, just like a car, it does not get begin. The journey to achievement begins with a dream that gets started and gets one moving. Walt Disney is quoted to have said all dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Only the dead do not dream, I suppose. But to be alive and progressive paves way for everyone’s dreams. Though hard to achieve sometimes, dreams are not impossible to achieve. There is a high possibility that I am going to sing, publish, preach, and make documentaries as well as own my own house and a fine car. This is propelled by the hope born of my dreams and the start am making towards achieving them.


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