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Mixed Signals.

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I've liked this boy sence the 7th grade. I am now a sophomore in highschool. This boy i like has givin me mixed signals sence the day i first met him, and it's even been in one of my dreams. This is the first dream i've ever had about him. My dream was taking place at some sort of school, unknown to me. But i knew two people in my dream. The first person i knew was a sophomore now a junior named Nicohle. She was a preppy popular girl that always had the guy i like's attention. She would wear the skimpiest of clothing, and of course he was attracted to it. And then there was the boy i liked. But he's in the same grade as me. Nicohle walks over to me and says, "He needs to talk to \you". This was during lunch and i hadn't eaten all day so i replied, "Well i want to eat so tell him ill talk to him after lunch." She says ok and go tells him what i said. So after i have eaten my lunch, i walk over to him and he seems angry with me. He's yelling at me saying," why would you say this " and i said, " I dont know" continuously. After the argument he says, "I thought you were mad at me." and i said, "What?? i thought you were mad at me!" And out of no where he looks up.. gets closer to me and kisses me! Of course i kiss back, and when he stops he looks at me then smiles, and the bell rings to warn the students that lunch is over. And he grabs my hand and he walks out of this classroom with me, and when we walk out it looks exactly how i would leave my first period class and everything looked familiar. As he let go of my hand, he looks at me and says, "Ill see you later" smiles, and walks of, and im walking to my next class blushing and then i wake up. I really want to know if this dream means something,im in need of help! thank you!


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