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Money and the Wallet in Dreams

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Money represents your psychological energy in dreams. Your psychological energy is the power of your psyche, which is given to you by your convictions, and your inner courage.

Money in dreams represents your good mood, your disposition, and your positive attitude.

If you see yourself losing money in a dream, this means that you have lost your courage.

In case you see that you have found money, this means that you will find an incentive that will give you more courage.

All dream images have a very important meaning because they contain the hidden messages of the unconscious mind. You have to learn the dream language according to the scientific method in order to understand the symbolic unconscious messages. You will verify that they help you develop your intelligence, besides working like psychotherapy. The unconscious mind is constantly protecting your mental health and helping you develop the positive characteristics of your personality.

If you had a dream where you lost money, this means that the unconscious mind is showing you that you have to change your attitude. You will never attain anything if you don’t believe in your victory.

The meaning of money in dreams is related to the meaning of the wallet. The wallet represents your faith.

When you lose your wallet in a dream, this means that you have no faith in a better future. If you have no faith, you have no inner energy. Your money (psychological energy and courage) is usually in your wallet (faith) because your faith doesn’t let your courage disappear; your faith protects your courage the same way that the wallet protects your money. Without faith you have no courage to fight for what you need. You are ready to abandon the battle before even trying.

If you have lost your courage because you had many deceptions in life, you should study dream translation and follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your own dreams. You will soon become self-confident and always feel motivated. The meaning of your dreams will enlighten you and help you achieve all your goals.

If you found money in a dream, this means that you must pay attention to what is happening to your life without letting the important opportunity be wasted. You will attain higher levels of knowledge or achieve material aims if you’ll be serious and use your psychological energy the right way.

Keep writing down your dreams and translating their meaning according to the scientific method. The wise unconscious mind will guide you all the way, showing you how to behave in order to be successful in all aspects of your life.

In case you are disappointed to learn that money in your dreams has a symbolic meaning, and that if you found money in a dream this doesn’t mean that you will really find money in your daily life, be aware that the importance of courage surpasses the importance of money in life.

When you have courage you can conquer the world. If you have money without having inner courage, you may someday lose all of your money and never be able to make it again.

If you have enough courage though, you will stand up again after falling and continue your battle until you finally triumph.


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