My Dad Turned into a Kamodo Dragon

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My parents are divorced and I had a dream that I played the part of my mother and my father was with me and we were up in a canyon that I have been to twice before and there was a shed that was just standing there randomly and my father was telling me (my mother) that he turns into a komodo dragon in the sunlight. As if my mother (me) knew what he was talking about said, “I don’t like when you do that!” Right after I said that he all of the sudden ran to the shed and from what I was feeling he was turning into a Komodo Dragon so I hid behind the shed and waited for him to change and once he left the shed, I ran into the shed without him knowing. I hid in there and could see through the cracks of the shed and saw the Dragon and I noticed there was a wolf sitting on a dock looking out at the water and the dragon noticed it too and was going to chase it. The dragon tried to go after the wolf and the wolf bit its face and the dragon fell into the water below the dock and the wolf went right back to what it was doing before. I ran out of the shed trying to go save the wolf because I knew the dragon would try to get the wolf again and i went to grab the wolf and it was almost instantly that I knew right away when I picked the wolf up it represented me so I started running with the wolf from off the dock and turned to see if the dragon was chasing me and it was and I ran into the trees of the canyons and woke up. Anybody have thoughts on this dream?


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