my dream please tell me what it could mean

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i went to an old friends house and he was dead or his brother was dead, he got thrown through the wall down and into the basement and died. later on there, my brother and i were there and only the father was present and warned us not to go into the basement. i went into the basement and felt another presense and i ran scared, (i feel like i had this dream before except last time i didnt make it out the basement. i was freaking out on the father seemed like everyone knew but never told) and when i come upstairs everythings empty and seems like no one been there for years…. when i went into the basement i grabbed something that had alotta of meaning and i dont think i was allowed to bring it up stairs, bcuz i cant remember what exactly it was. but i saw it and had it in my hands… as writing this story i am having goose bumps and shivers



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