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My Pregnancy Dreams That Brought Me to a Bizarre Reality

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I remember when I was pregnant with one of the four sons I had. It was such an experience. I recall some of my dreams, and later in life sometimes, not always, I actually saw pieces of the nightmares, or bizarre dreams. One of the many was the dream that I had about driving down the road and seeing kittens. They were in a box on a small wooden bridge leading to the other side of the meadow. They were crying and they had children’s faces on instead of kitten faces. They were gonna fall off of the bridge and drown, so I stopped the vehicle and got out of it and ran to them and save them from falling.

Another one I remember is very short. It was about a man in the room with a gun; he was holding us hostage. It wasn’t like he just held us hostage; it was the kind of scene where friends and some unknown people were in the room, then someone unknown flipped out and he grabbed a gun and was holding it up in the air. The others were let go, and I managed to get loose as well, after they did. Then I was dreaming that I was home in bed, and I heard a trigger click. I guess there was not a bullet in that chamber. I said to him, sweat dripping down my face, as I felt the cold steal of the gun on my face, “What are you gonna do with that?” Then he said, “I am going to kill you,” and then the dead silence, then a click! I woke up out of the dream, my face cold with sweat, droplets dripping. I suddenly realize it was just a dream; still, it was so real.

I have never had those dreams again; others, even nightmares, but not those kind of dreams. Except the one with the kittens, it was repeated in my last two pregnancies as well. Earlier on in this story I mentioned bits of my nightmares becoming somewhat of a reality. Well the kitten one was kind of a haunting memory. I had driven out to a place in a small town. I ended up taking a new and different turn, so I decided go ahead you will find the end (hopefully). Then I saw what looked to be like the scene in my nightmare. I had never been there before, however; there it was, the small wooden bridge that led to the meadow on the other side. It had a yard, a country yard, and on top of the old trucks and stairs were different kittens in different spots. They were so diseased it was so sad and such a bizarre reality. Some with eyes infected and fur gone. I could only keep going; I was so afraid of where I was and not knowing where I had taken myself on that wrong turn.


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