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My Strange Dream

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Now, I am new to this and only thirteen so I really would like to know what my dreams are trying to tell me. I have been having some really strange dreams about my dad lately.

One of them was about a week ago and I remember that he was taking me in the old car he gave to our neighbors and took me to the parking lot of Wal-Mart. It was cold outside and I was without a jacket but he had one. Then he told me to walk fast on the ice or I would get stuck (like it was quick sand). So then we went into this different car and it had no frame.

The second one I had last night. I was at his house and he sat me down in the bathroom and said “Holly (my seven-year-old sister) really doesn’t appreciate you calling her ‘shrimpy’ or ‘little bit’.” Because those are my nicknames for her. So I said ok and went to my room. I was crying and said something like “I have problems too, you know!” I can’t really remember. But then my great-grandmother on my mom’s side of the family came to my door and said, “You are in big trouble” and I peeked out the door and said “Dad, why am I in trouble? I wasn’t crying!” Like I was almost scared of him. And then I went to this side of the house that was never there before and it had lots of mirrors.

Then I just broke down. It is really scaring me.


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