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My Weird, Crazy Dream

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I always have weird dreams. And I always remember everything that happens in them. I have so many of them that I now keep a notebook and write them down. Most of the time when I have a dream, a few days or weeks later, the dream comes true. Not exactly what I dreamed, but it seems like the dreams tell me what is going to happen.

For example, a few months ago I dreamed that I went to the mall with my cousin. I went to a clothing store and bought a t-shirt that was the color blue. After I bought the t-shirt, I went to the parking lot looking for my car and I put the bag where I had my new shirt and left it there. So I went back to the mall because my cousin still wanted to shop some more. But the mall was closing, so we started running because the doors were going to close. We get to the parking lot and we started looking for my car but we couldn’t find it. We went all around the mall looking for my car but it seemed like it was stolen or something. I remember crying because I had no idea what happened to my car and now I had to walk home! Ha-ha! Well, that was my dream. Now what really happened to me: three weeks later after I had that dream, my car got stolen. Not only did my car really get stolen, but my favorite pair of shoes was in the car and they happen to be blue. Isn’t that weird? You tell me.


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