A Mysterious Dream

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I had a dream that confuses and frightens me to my very core. I was standing in the middle of a great battle field full of men over twenty feet tall, wielding these giant glowing blades, and they were fighting these things that were way taller like five or six hundred feet tall. One of the twenty feel tall guys ran over to me, and said, “Lord Helios! We are under attack! We must fall back to the Mountain City!” This freaked the heck out of me, but I am even more scared by my response. 

I said, “Kraxpes, gather your men, and bring them to me! We will bring the Blight upon Man to an end! The era of the Giants is over, and the reign of Man shall be reinstated!” I then looked down into the guy’s golden shield and saw my reflection. The thing is, it looked like me except with some drastic differences. For one, I had glowing golden eyes, and I was around twenty to thirty feet tall. I had a huge spear in my hand, and my armor had the sun on it for some reason. I then looked at “Kraxpes” (I’m not sure how his name is spelled, I just wrote what it sounded like) and noticed that he had brought a patrol of about one hundred giant men over to me. The dream ended with us charging toward the massive mountain-like creatures, and my men screaming, “For Lord Helios, and the City Mountain!” That’s when I woke up. I had this dream a few days ago, and it freaked me out. Does anyone have any idea what it could mean? Thanks.


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