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The Mystery Blue Chair

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It was a nice sunny day, and we decided to have a party just for the nice weather. We all went to a park, and on the way there was this blue chair on the side of the sidewalk, and it read "FREE" my dad took it with us. For some reason, we had our party and picnic table inside the tennis court. Strange place to have a party, but we were having a good time. My dad carried the blue chair inside the tennis court and closed the wired gate. We all took a look at the chair, one of my friends asked, "what's that underneath it? Is that a hole?" My dad flipped it over and saw that there was a star shaped hole inside, "Well, it looks like somethings been chewing on it.. making the hole more spiky shaped then rounded. Other than that. The chair looks perfectly fine." He reassured everyone that it was quite the chair. Everyone went back to what they were doing.
My friends and a few other people were setting up the picnic table and food. This other guy still unsure about that blue chair, he dragged it to the left away from the picnic table. Once the food was ready to eat, we all gathered to the picnic table and my best friend prayed, "Thank you for making this wonderful food. Amen" We all stuffed our faces up with the delicious food. "pass me the ketchup, please." said one hungry boy. We laughed so loud and talked so loudly, that we heard a big loud grumble. "Did you hear that?! Was that you?" someone asked. "No. it wasn't me!." I said back unsure of what it could have been. And there it went again, the loud grumble noise. It was coming from that blue chair! "I knew there was something strange about that chair, there must be something hiding inside that chair" said some guy. We waited and waited for something to come out of the hole… but nothing did, do we continued to eat. Once we finished our food, we played card games on the table. "Hahahahahah!" We laughed while playing. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING!?" Some older guy yelled and pointed toward the blue chair. I turned around and saw what looked like a normal fish.. but it was floating instead of swimming on water. It was medium sized, black all over with some white spots on it, it sort of looked like a shark but a little different. I whispered to the girl sitting right next to me, " how did that thing fit into that hole in the blue chair?" She answered, "….I have no idea." The hissing sound it made while gliding its way right toward us, my dad said quietly, "nobody move, shush now…" We were absolutely quiet, no sound at all, we were like a family of mice.
It was floating about an inch off from the ground, but it could not fly. It grumbled again, now it was right in front of me sniffing, but it couldn't see me and headed back towards the blue chair. The fish-like creature just shrunk right when it went into the hole. I heard my friends mumbling to each other, "what the hell was that? I'm so scared." "What should we do?" "Shhhhh.. what if it comes back?"
We continued playing card games and such very quietly, my dad ran to play catch ball with some kids. They forgot about that mystery blue chair, and started to yell and shout once again.
Suddenly, the creature came out right towards my dad, swimming fiercely and right when my dad tried to run away. The fish gobbled him head to toe! Everyone screamed! What to do, what to do? I thought. "Quick, everyone on the table! Anyone bring their cell phone?" I asked. A girl rattled through her purse and got her out her pink cell phone. Quickly, she called 911!"
When we were waiting, a little boy fell off the picnic table and in three seconds was eaten by the creature! "Ahhh.. another one was now taken by that horrible creature!" my friend said while crying. By then the police arrived and we were saved, the police took on that mystery creature. It took about fourteen poison shots to kill that thing, They also had to burn the mystery blue chair, just in case that thing had a nest in that chair. The good thing about it, it was over and we only lost two people to that creature.


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