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Native American Dream Interpretation

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The theory and relevance of dream interpretation that has existed for centuries can be illustrated with many examples from diverse cultures around the globe. Dreams have had an important role for so many civilizations. There is the example of the dream interpreters who accompanied military leaders in battles in order to guide them with their visions during the Greek and Roman eras. Or, we could focus our attention on the seven hundred citations of dreams and interpretations found in the Bible.

However, one of the most interesting examples of belief in dream messages is that of the Native Americans. This group considered their dreams to be sacred.

The American Indians would never dare disrespect the guidance given in dream messages. Ignoring the messages could lead to catastrophe, since the meaning of the dreams contains crucial information that would define one’s destiny, indicate the route that should be taken and even cure diseases.

The Iroquois Indians of the Great Lakes respected the meaning of their dreams as if they were law. Their dreams would determine the right decisions to be taken concerning all matters of their lives, even regarding marriage.

If a member of the tribe would dream about his failure before he would fight in a war, he considered it as a true warning and had no hope to win the battle.

A famous tradition from the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribe was the creation of “dream catchers,” which were made by sinew strands that they would tie in a web around a small round frame. The dream catchers would protect the tribe’s children from nightmares when they were sleeping. According to their legend, all bad dreams would get caught in the webs they had prepared.

Such devotion to the meaning of their dreams was so remarkable that we must admit that American Indians certainly were able to decipher their hidden messages.

All of the theories and personal experiences of people from the many different civilizations who tried to interpret the meaning of dreams form a rich cultural collection. However, they cannot give us all the answers we need when we try to understand the meaning of our dreams.

Only in our century has the real meaning of dreams been completely deciphered, proved, verified, and successfully applied. This application is not only to cure the most serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia and psychosis, but also simpler mental illnesses like neurosis and depression, as well as in order to cure disabilities and physical diseases.

The scientific method of dream interpretation was discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung and simplified by me, as I continued Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche after precisely following his steps. This refined scientific method is the only one that can answer all questions, and help you really understand everything you need to learn about the meaning of your dreams and their healing power.

You’ll verify that the Ojibway tribe was correct for fearing the bad dreams of their children. They knew that nightmares predict suffering, which is a consequence of human sins. They wanted to protect their children’s future, so that the next generation would live peacefully and happily, without making mistakes in their lives. By learning the scientific method of dream interpretation, you now have the opportunity to offer the same security to your family.


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