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Never Thought I’d Dream About My Ex

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This isn’t something uncommon. But it really caught me off guard.

I have been divorced from my ex husband for over twenty years. But I had a dream that the two of us got together for what I assume was a one night only thing.

We were in an apartment (or it might of been a house) I was sitting on the floor and he was on the couch. We were watching something on TV. He brought up someone we both knew. And the conversation just went from there. Next thing I know he is sitting on the floor with me. I got up and got on the couch. We are actually having a good time. I got up and went into the kitchen for a drink. He followed me in kitchen. Then the conversation gets personal. We got on the subject of weight (for some reason) I told him my mother called me fat. He told me you should never called a woman fat. But what weight I had gained hit me in all the right places. And that I was probably too small when we were together. We went back into the room again and we looked at each other and he kissed me.

Now, we are in a bedroom taking off each others clothes and we make love. (I mean really going at each other) This goes on all night until the next day. The last thing I remember is he kissed me goodbye.

I wake up sitting straight up in my bed still feeling the pressure of the kiss on my lips. 

Now, I have had these dreams before but never with my ex husband. Why him?


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