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No Longer Searching

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I dreamed “the dream” again. It’s been maybe a year or less since the last time, but each episode is the same scenario with a different twist. I’m back in that little town South of Lafayette. Louisiana visiting relatives, but searching for the one person that I really hope to see.

For years the dream has ended in frustration with me never finding the one I’m looking for. Then the last time, it ended differently and we actually saw each other and spoke briefly. This made sense to me due to the fact that in reality I had reconnected with him after decades of being out of touch.

Two nights ago I dreamed the dream again. The location was the same. But this time my mind chose to conjure up a more creative plotline, complete with vivid imagery and colors as well as feelings and sensations as real as they can get.

My sisters and I were holding a type of photo shoot. We were in some rural setting near a long abandoned house or barn like structure. The odd part was we were dressed in identical floor length ball type dresses. Lots of tulle and netting and flowing organza. The dresses were old and torn in places and none was the correct fit. We didn’t expect or want them to be. It was like we were playing dress up with discarded dance dresses we’d found in an old trunk or at a thrift store. Everything in the dream was black and white: the landscape, the buildings, the sky. The dresses were the only exception. They were the most beautiful almost indescribable color; a blue-purple like the color of lavender. We were barefoot, relaxed and happy. I was both the photographer and subject at once.
At one point I was standing on the top of an old wooden fence that surrounded the property when my cousin came walking up. I turned to him and from the top of the fence called out that the person I’m always hoping to see is coming soon as well. Seconds later he arrives and stands near my cousin. I continue standing on the fence above them, say hello excitedly then, “stay there I’m going to jump and you’re going to catch me!” He says ok as if this were completely normal and the next second I’m in his arms and he’s holding me several inches off the ground.

One of the most vivid parts of this dream is the distinct feeling of us standing there, eyes closed, just holding each other. We just stayed like that; still and in complete silence for what seemed like several minutes, somehow communicating without speaking. I had this intense feeling of peace or like I had just returned home after a long journey. And then, I woke up.

The sensations and feelings of the dream however stayed with me for most of the day, almost as if clinging to me in a sort of physical sense. It was nothing short of amazing.

Violet: Intuitive, sensitive, and understanding; intimacy and eroticism; balance of reason and passion; the desire for a deep level of union; capacity to trust one’s own sense of situations/others; breaking down of barriers and bound up energy.


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