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Obama Dream

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In my dream, President Obama was teaching a class in which I was one of the students. I believe the class had something to do with socio-economics. I was silent for most of the class. It seemed as though Obama was trying his hand at something he was unsure of, teaching, in order to win approval from young people. He was almost insecure about the way he approached and addressed the class.

When he first entered the class, most of the students knew who he was, but it seemed that not everyone really knew him yet. The first thing I remember him talk about was God. With an air of authority, the newly inaugurated president lectured about how God had created man and that man was now headed for Hell apart from a savior. Then he proceeded to say that, “Hell is where people take themselves when they don’t have an open mind and are resistant to change.” He said all of this with great conviction, as though the class truly needed to understand this information about God and Hell.

At one point, he brought up a social issue to the class. He made the statement that the way the workforce operated in America was unjust: We made people work jobs that didn’t allow them to do what they are supposed to do and be who they are created to be. He said that the system was ridiculous and that people should get paid—not for out-working others—but rather for doing what they were good at doing. I think he had some sort of bill he wanted to pass on this matter. He also had a name for the idea, which I don’t remember.

When Obama, noticing my silence, directly asked me for my opinion about it, I flatly told him that I completely disagreed with him, since this sort of thinking lent itself to socialism. I said there was a distinction between social programs and all-out socialism. I also told him and the class that this kind of thinking was characteristic of socialism, that the plan was too idealistic for a whole nation to undertake, and that it simply wouldn’t work. He seemed dismayed and annoyed. And that was the end of the dream.


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