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One dinner time

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I decided to eat dinner at my favorite chain last night. I ordered fish bowl of tausi and tofu, no soda. I chose to sit near the counter. As I was sitting, I heard the babbling of a little girl, ‘Mommy, you sipped my cola!’ as her mother placing the remaining glass of it. So her mom and I caught ourselves laughing too. We were laughing at the amusement of a little girl feeling like taking away her drinks. So the little girl looked at me with curious eyes. She’s wearing a ponytail in each side, she’s fair and had a beaming eyes. I smiled at her. She still was sipping her cola, finishing all the remaining in her glass. So I laughed at myself. This little girl made my day! How much of joy with their parents watching their daughter squabbling in their own way? I’m day dreaming of my own daughter too as the moment requires. I can’t help but shake myself. Never thought I’ll be enjoying eating alone this time. Those are precious moment.

So her mommy gets up and prepares to leave. She’s taking her little blue ballet shoes and arranged also the chair when she left. I was impressed by her manners. Her mother raised her well at that little age barely four to five years old. And so I’m day dreaming again of my own daughter as the moment requires. Imagining Cashelmara’s infront of me while I’m sipping her juices and she’s babbling ‘Mommy, you sipped my juices!” And I will laugh at her. So I laughed at myself too.

Can’t believe I was in this kind of stage thinking right now. I shake myself again. Longing? Maybe. Admiring? Yes, precisely. I smiled sheepishly. Being there at the moment is priceless. I appreciate the time of being alone, of eating alone, observing others while eating too, chit-chatting with an officemate, a family together eating out, a dinner date, a school project meeting while eating, a long waiting for a friend, finally he appeared; the busyness of each crew, sending order at their table. And oh! Thanks to the manager who give me the glass of water. And I caught him stealing glances at his co-manager too. I smiled sheepishly again.

It was like musical in my air and I was dazed at every scene of the moment. Was someone else staring at me too? I didn’t know either. I’m enjoying myself eating to the fullest. When life offers you great joy, you take it to the hilt. Blissing graciously! That’s how I feel it.

Who knows when, I’ll be sharing my table with you and my daughter too? And that would be heaven’s bliss!


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