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Out of body

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Hi Lovern and Lola Russell,
My name is Jimmy Arnold and i am 51 years of age and your article is one i have been waiting for, for quite some time, as it regards to out of body experiences and seeing ghost and infact had a visiting ghost along with his stinch of a smell,lead me to it’s dead body when i was younger here in Palatka the local police was notified and can be varified.Ilive within 75 yards now of where the body was found and kept visiting me from to this day.It would come to my room through closed windows every night until i decided to follow it's smell too it's place of death.I filmed an object the size of an apple in the form of a smoky orb change it's shape in the form of a elongated banana shape and as it rose from the floor level, it intensified with a increasing piercing sound, as if it was some form of an increasing energy flow elevating in sound, as it became higher from the floor.Can you play these images in slow motion and inform me if you see what i see? ( unfortunately the images that i was trying to send for some reason, will not pass through your issued email address- , why not i don’t know?) Do you have a direct email i can send these video link pictures too?I have been feeling as though i have been experiencing out of body episodes, whereby one night, i felt myself looking down at my body and the kicker is, on one of those occassions i was wide awake meditating trying to force an out of body situation and on this occasion the video was captured. The reason it is distorted is due to the amount of times it has been pkayed as well as how long it has been just sitting around.On numerous occassions, i will lay on my stomach with my back to my bed room door and can physically feel someone are something crawling across my bed and pin me to my bed leaving me unable to move nor speak, even though my wife is laying right beside me, so i decided to start filming these occurances and have come up with some amazing photos and during some of those tapings, my brand new camera would start malfunctioning for no apparent reason. If you can clean this image up you will see me laying on my back,beside my wife and also see another image of me raised on my side above the image of me on my back. Pretty scarry.

P.S. please see attachments(sorry but the video will not transfer through without i guess a sure link), my wife can varify all thats in this letter,she was present during all recardings.

Thank you,
Jimmy Arnold
615 Oak street
Palatka, Florida 32177



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