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part 1 & 2 ( spiritual awakenings )

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I was walking threw the grave yard to visit my grandpa on his birthday , as I'm nealing down on his grave my soul leaves my body and hes standing right in front of me , he turns into a dragon I turn into a wolf , i hop on his back and we fly off into the clouds of the eastern sky .

the next night I go to sleep , and I'm in an old city , paved intricately with bricks , and bell towers and everything was candle lit but the city was empty , i walked to the edge of the city only to realize it was floating on a cloud , i see my cousin sitting on the edge feet dangling off the brick ledge barely skimming the clouds ( he was so calm I've never seen him like that "no words were exchanged" ) so I go to sit beside him , with giant pipes leaking water out the walls of the city and through the sea of clouds, and over head to the left of us is the moon & I see my grandpa in dragon form fly and spiral around the moon . I later did research from there ages and found that they are both dragons in chinese zodiac .


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