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Make sure you weed out the things in your real life from the ones in your dreams. Most often, you will dream of what happened to you or what you think of the last fifteen minutes you fall asleep.

When you find a key word from your dreams, try saying the first thing that comes to mind. Repeat this step until something hits you and you realize what they mean. Don’t always rely on the internet or books for your dreams. They are yours and they have only one meaning and that’s to you. If you try to find the answer to your dreams by an alternate source other than your own mind, you will get mixed messages.

Analyze your own dream first, until you think you know what it means, then look up information on it. You will get a lot further that way. Never forget your initial response to the dream, your feelings in the dream, and what you interpreted it as.

I have had much better responses to my dreams now, while doing this. You can say that I can almost predict how my day is going to end up just by doing it myself.


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