Perfect Match and Jungian Archetypes

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Carl Jung discovered that the unconscious mind produces our dreams using symbols that he named “archetypes.” They are dream symbols that appear in everyone’s dreams and have a crucial importance for the development of the dreamer’s personality and life.

The love relationship between the animus for a woman and the anima for a man, is the most perfect relationship. The animus is a man who is the perfect match for a woman, the same way that the anima is a woman who is the perfect match for a man.

The animus and anima are archetypes that contain our preferences and psychological characteristics that fit with our personality.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams uses symbolic forms in order to send us secret messages. When we learn the dream language according to the scientific method we verify that all dream images have a symbolic meaning. They all contain hidden messages, giving us information about something.

Dreams where the figure of the animus and the figure of the anima appear are very important. These dreams contain basic information about the personality of the person the dreamer loves. They also give him or her information about many details of their personal life.

You will be impressed when you verify that there are many dreams that prepare you to meet the perfect man or woman for you. The image of the animus or the anima will appear in a series of dreams, indicating the development of your preparation for this very special meeting in your daily reality.

First the animus will have the image of a young athlete and the anima will have the image of a very seductive young woman.

Later, the animus or the anima will acquire their specific characteristics. This means that the dreamer will see in his or her dreams the figure of the animus or the figure of the anima as his perfect match in real life really is. However, the dreamer won’t be able to discern the facial characteristics of his perfect match so clearly yet.

In other words, your dreams prepare you for a real meeting with a real person. This way you’ll act with wisdom when you’ll finally meet your perfect match.

The love relationship between the animus and the anima is the strongest one.

When a man meets his anima personally, and the woman meets the animus, this is a perfect combination. Both feel magically connected one to the other, and they cannot separate without suffering for their entire lives. They will never again care about another relationship if they won’t be able to live together because the relationship with their perfect match really is perfect. The depression they’ll feel will last for life.

This means that after meeting your perfect match you cannot continue living without him or her. He or she is like a part of your own body.

However, there are many obstacles in human life that can prevent a couple from living together, even if they absolutely adore one another.

This is why you should be very careful and patient, before getting involved with someone who is not your ideal partner. You will see yourself in a very difficult situation if you meet your soul mate while you have another relationship.

Care about dream interpretation with seriousness. You need to keep a dream journal. The unconscious mind will guide you and show you how to meet your animus or anima, and how to live with him or her for all your life.

You receive live information and guidance in all dream images. When you learn how to decipher the meaning of the symbolic dream language with my simple method of instant translation you avoid all frustrations. The unconscious mind shows you how to live happily forever with the person who will give you life and real satisfaction all the time.


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