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prophetic dream (someone please help)

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It all started 2 years ago real life . in my dream I was in giant library , giant double doors divided both sections of the library with giant windows between the book shelfs , men where in seperated from the women , the men and Iwere in the back room behind the double doors , women where in front , the front was where the exit was , i look out the window and giant balls of fire are falling from the sky into the city (I live in a small town ) then the library starts to fill with smoke i could'nt breath , I could hardly see , I ran through the library as they all dropped like flies , i break through the first set of double doors , into the first room the I made a break for the double doors leading to the exit , I push them both open , and a blinding white light shined over me consuming everything I just saw , and I was instantly standing in my room by the door with jesus standing on my bed by the window tampering with something above my window seal(nothing was there at the time in real life) I asked him is all this to happen , am i really to suffer this fate ? he replied "hand me my sword" (whichis a sword i really do own ) I handed it to him , and I took up my own sword , after that I woke up , and three days later i found a gas mask in my dads shop on accident "I felt likejesus wanted me to find it "a weekafter that dreamI bought a hand forged samuria sword from my cousin , ever since then i had my sword and my gas mask hanging up on the wall above my window seal where jesus stood in my dream . ( To hell and back )


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