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Prophetic Dreams

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In March of 1985 I had an experience which changed my life. I was attending a 64 day Christian revival. During the revival, a great man of God was teaching about the supernatural. There were thousands of people attending from all over the world.

What occurred next is true and can be verified by hundreds of people from all over the world. This great man of God, invited us to pray with him; when we did a strong tangible, sweet sort of energy came all over me. It was amazing. It was the start of a new life for me.

Shortly after the revival, I began to experience dreams and visions of future events. They have been so numerous; it would take days to recount them all. For instance, I was praying in the Philippines during a missionary tour when all of a sudden, I saw a huge ocean liner on fire. People were screaming and jumping overboard. I could actually see sharks attacking them. I told many people all over the world that this would occur and less than six months later the worst shipping accident in Philippine history occurred, exactly as I saw during prayer, and thousands of people died.

Once, after my missionary tour I was praying in my apartment and I saw a very fleeting glimpse of a tiger, attacking a woman. I wondered what the hell I was seeing that for, it was terrible! Two days later, there it was on the front page of our newspaper. A zoo worker in New York, had not locked a door properly, and was killed by a tiger, although her co-worker managed to escape. However, the dreams and visions are not always bad news.

During my marriage, I had a Chevy Blazer which broke down. The engine failed. It was really bad because we were moving at the time and I had no money to buy even a used vehicle. I was due to take a new farm manager’s position, so this was a bad situation. A few days later, my wife and I were packing some bedroom items. As I walked out of our bedroom, I suddenly saw a large pile of money flash before my eyes. I turned to my wife and said, “we do not need to worry.” “We will have the funds to buy another vehicle.” Well sure enough, a week later, my bosses’ son sent us $4000 in cash, via federal express to buy another vehicle. I just could not believe it! We had not even told him about our needs. He sent the money as a special severance pay for my work.

I could mention many things about the future: Russia, China, Iran, and the European Union. Cosmic problems and natural disasters, but I do not wish to be morbid. I would love to hear from anyone, who has these experiences. I have had hundreds since that day on March 26th 1985. Some are good, but many are very bad. I would welcome any comments. 


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