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Every morning when I go to the school bus, I listen to 103.9 FM (the radio); the host that gets my attention is Gary Spivey. He talks about kids being talented: being able to talk to angels and having a prophetess (a messenger from god) give them a dream, then the very next day have it come true. I don’t know what gets me so interested.

I want to call to ask about my grandfather who loved me dearly and passed away when I was eight months old. But I also want to ask about the dreams I have. Sometimes they come true (only if I don’t edit them) and if they don’t come true, they’re really creepy and I think it means something—I’m not sure.

A month ago, I was driving to my friend’s birthday party but she gave me the wrong address. I called and called. But she didn’t pick up, so I drove back home. On the way I had a thought, “What if she’s robbed?” I mean, she always picks up her phone. I can picture it, she’s scared to death, then I saw the boys or girls take her stuff into a moving truck. The next week she told me she was robbed.

I have no comment, I’m just creeped out. If you have a comment, please tell me. I’m desperate for help.


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