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Quest for Seafood

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I dreamt that I was at the beach with my boyfriend, both lying in this sun on a towel. Then all of a sudden there was all this action and we had to go deeper into the beach. Suddenly it became a tropical jungle with scary looking, huge trees, but we didn’t go into the jungle. Then suddenly the floor before the jungle was old cobblestone you would see in Europe, and all of a sudden there was a fancy cafe. There was a table and two people were sitting outside the cafe, an old Chinese woman and one of my exs (a bisexual model I might add). Myy boyfriend all of a sudden had a cryptic note that he needed decoded so he asked them and the Chinese woman only spoke Chinese and my ex understood what the woman was saying and told my boyfriend the message. And to pay them for giving us “the code” we had to go on the other side of the beach and order them lobster from a seafood restaurant.

Then all of a sudden my boyfriend and I are on the quest to get lobster, and we were in a Jeep on a highway.

I am confused as all heck what this dream means. We were thinking about taking a vacation to Europe this year, and we have to visit some friends next year down south. Maybe it’s that?


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