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A Recurring Dream

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I have a frequently recurring dream and I have always wondered what it means. This dream doesn’t fall into any of the categories in the article, Seven Common Nightmares and What They Mean featured, reading which led me to join DivineCaroline. In my dream I cannot open my eyes. Many times I am driving a car, can’t open my eyes, and can’t stop the car, either. I have this dream of my eyes being glued shut at least a couple of times a month. 

I also sometimes dream that I am cheating on my husband, or that I want a divorce. This dream makes me feel guilty about it when I remember it in the morning. I can always remember the previous night’s dreams, and sometimes it colors my day. A friend of mine, when I told her this dream, said to me, “Your dreams are YOU talking to YOU.” I thought that was quite significant. 

Perhaps the dream of my eyes being shut is a sign that I sometimes feel helpless.


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