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Recurring Dream Indicated My Health

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I used to have this recurring dream …

I am driving my car down the highway. The road suddenly disappears. I panic and my car flies off the edge. I feel my body falling through the sky and then I wake up.

I had a feeling that the dream was warning me of something, but I wasn’t sure what the warning was. At the time, I had a stressful job, was not getting much rest, and not eating well or exercising. I was pushing my health—mentally and physically—to its limits, but couldn’t see where I needed to change. After taking antidepressants for six months, I realized that I didn’t want to live my life this way. I finally made some changes in my career, began practicing yoga, and taking better care of my overall health. Amazingly, my dreams changed to where I was driving a car like an airplane and flying through cities. The control I had in those dreams reflected the control and freedom I was experiencing in my waking life.

When I became a student at the School of Metaphysics I learned that dreams are symbolic. Roads represent direction in life for the dreamer, and cars symbolize the physical body. So, when I made changes to my physical health that is when my dreams changed. Why does a car (or any small vehicle) symbolize the physical body? One, everything in a dream represents the dreamer. Two, cars are used to get from one place to another. If you consider yourself to be a soul, the physical body is the vehicle that the soul uses to go from place to place throughout life. It is the images that are important when it comes to interpreting dreams.

The oldest language known to man is a language of pictures called the Universal Language of Mind. Pictures were used before words came into practice. Words can add complexity to communication. To this day, images are the simplest form of communication. Consider how simple it is to understand road signs like pedestrians crossing or male/female bathrooms signs. The image communicates a message. Once you understand the Universal Language of Mind then you have a tool that can be used to interpret any symbol in dreams.

Now that I know how to interpret my dreams I use them for guidance. Had I known how to do this before I could have made changes to my health before resorting to antidepressants. Dreams are amazing tools for self-discovery.  


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