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Summer days belong to the sun and the wind, the sighing of the trees and the rippling of the brook.
I belong to no one.
My children are grown, married, and busy raising their children. My husband has gone off to visit the rest of his 50 states project. This is the first year I decided not to accompany him in his SUV touring the wild west. I had no desire to ride through 2000 miles of dry parched sand and tall red buttes. Instead I have chosen to vegetate with my watercolors and books to our wooded cottage in Maine.

As a retired teacher of 30 years, I was tired of schedules, plans, and time driven days. I wanted open spaces with no agendas. Lounging in bed reading till I finished a book…..painting through afternoons watching the shadows change. Wrapped in a quilt in the lounge watching the moon rise and the stars flicker on. I had only me to wait on…to spoil…I was excited at the prospect of no responsibilities.

A week passed, the brook rippled, the trees sighed, I finished 3 books.

Two weeks went by, the silence became deafning…the empty house a solitary confinement. I began going to the library to be part of an activity….I hung out at the corner cafe for conversation. then I discovered the Senior Center and started Bridge and jewerly making. A week later I wandered into a" silver sneakers" workout.

Now, I've cleaned the cottage from top to bottom, set the table, and prepared fish tacos and coleslaw for my Monday afternoon Bridge group; pared and cut up veggies for the Tuesday Jewerly class, and bought two bottles of wine for the Wednesday Rummykub group. Thursay and Friday I'm going to Arcadia hiking with the Silver Sneakers .

You ask what happened to the "painting through the afternoon shadows" and no responsibilities?
I'm not ready for that yet. The paint brushes and the books will always be there for whenever…..


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