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A Sacred Garden’s Secret

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A short mosaic using fonts and color. Just a train of thoughts leading from word-word
fonts, size, color and symbols did not come in site because I used Safari. I’ll use Firefox next time. Just imagine.

I stood and listened during
The flute lesson
How impressive and fast
A good technique I THOUGHT
He’s my teacher and a musician from
He invited me after the lesson to an open rehearsal
Meet the musicians !&amp;&amp;* <br /> Would I be able to get a job???????&rsquo;&rdquo; <br /> After the rehearsal the lesson was changed from school <br /> To his studio <br /> &ldquo;He said&rdquo; <br /> It&rsquo;s closer and the lesson could be longer_______ <br /> I was elated???????????? <br /> I was backstage with my teacher <br /> The lesson began <br /> Impressive <br /> Fast technique <br /> Nice sound %%%%#??????????????? <br /> How does he do this? <br /> By using the correct breathing technique <br /> He showed me()()()()()()() <br /> Lie on the floor and let your back relax <br /> Take a deep breath and let your belly protrude <br /> It felt comfortable{?} <br /> Then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........ <br /> He touched my shirt and began to open the buttons <br /> He was touching my breast <br /> I was in fear and could not move <br /> PARRALIZED`````````&hellip; <br /> After all, he was my teacher <br /> I didn&rsquo;t want to get him mad <br /> He created fear and humiliation in me <br /> His voice was angry, loud and forceful <br /> He alluded for his penis to be touched&amp;&amp;&amp;&amp;&amp;&amp; <br /> Maybe even oral was pushed but I was <br /> Confused%#!??
Scared-Should I run((((((((:
Tell someone
A trailer truck cannot fit through a parkway tunnel
A penis cannot fit through a non- coMMiTted vagina
Was I being raPed?
The lesson ended
I went home and told no one
Who would believe a woman?????><
I should have called the police and went to a hospital
He had some type of power authority over me
I was afraid of him
I don’t know why
PTSD can result from rape
Forget the past and move on
Suddenly sexual intercourse continues???<>
A woman will deny rape at times and is naturally submissive to these type of evil men~~~~
Sex continued until he found a new conquest
He threw me out of a lesson
I felt terribly violated”””””^
If I said something they will throw me out of school
Woman are always the cause of these acts
I taught
I was looking for it!
Whatever it WAS%%%%
I felt lonely—— === ——-
Music is very competitive
It can make you do things that are not YOU
I need a music job
I want to be in


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