Scary Dream

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My dream was very frightening. I was at some sort of function in a large open room with my husband. We are observing an insane criminal strapped to a surgical table at one end. She has murdered many people. She is very heavy and very ugly. She screams at us, using obscene language. I don’t recognize her. She struggles against her restraints, telling of her crimes. We watch helplessly as she strangles another heavy woman, who turns and looks at me in the last moments of her life. I am sick to my stomach at the sight. 

We then sit down in a cafeteria in full view of the strapped murderer and eat our dinner trays. My brother-in-law was present with his wife and two small girls. The murderer is still screaming—not just at me, but screaming and pretending to claw her face. I think to myself, “She is the embodiment of evil.” I am frightened that she will be able to escape. No one talks or even looks concerned.

We then go to bed. None of the rooms have doors. It is very quiet. I wake in the middle of the night and walk in the hallway. Everyone is sleeping, including my husband. When I walk past my smallest niece’s room, she is sitting on the edge of her bed in the dark. She is wearing a black hoodie with the hood up and tied about her tiny face (she is a small five-year-old). I ask her if she is scared. She nods. I ask her if she wants me to sit with her until morning. She nods. I pick her up and sit in a chair with her on my lap. It is then morning and I am standing at the door to the outside. It is a bright and beautiful day. I am not scared. I look back and see that the table is empty. At that point, I wake up. I am more bothered than actually frightened, but the dream was scary.

It is has been a long time since I have dreamt anything remotely similar. I also think it is strange that I did not dream of my own three children, who are teenagers. The dream has bothered me all day. Can anyone shed some light?



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