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Searching for My Love

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My dream starts out in Wal-Mart. I’m in the hair dyeing section and my lover is in the next aisle. I run into my mother which I don’t talk to in real life. She seems uninterested about what’s going on with me. After looking through the store, my lover Allen and I decide to leave. He makes it out to his green mustang before I go out the door. I get to the parking lot and walk up to a green mustang (identical to his) and it is not him. I walk up to a couple of other green mustangs and it is not him. The last one I walk up to is not him and I asked if he had seen any other mustangs like his. The guy in the mustang says MUSTANGS no I don’t like mustangs and shuts the door. Next I try to use my cell phone every time I try to go to my contacts list the game Zelda comes on. So I try to text message Allen and every time I try to do that another game comes on. I can’t figure out my cell phone so I throw it on the ground and break it. Next I realize that I have both set of house keys and I don’t know where my roommates are. I happen to think I can go into Wal-Mart and use the phone and on the way into Wal-Mart my roommates pull up and are like where have you been. I say “I’ve been in the parking lot looking for Allen.” They said I think he went somewhere with his friend. I said he was supposed to be here and they said they were going into Wal-Mart and I went and sat in there car. That is the end of my dream.

If anyone can help me out with what this means please let me know.

Thank you so much.


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