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Sexies Circumdare

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Uniformed in design as visions of my mind.

Interlocking and conformed,

joined in universal harmony,

different in nature,

opposite in paths of endeavor,

enclosed in an invisible expanding case,

but restricted by the laws of gravity.

Factions abound,

common in goal and desire,

circles of triangular effect,

abstract in thought,

impervious to outside intrusion,

able to sustain animation…six circles;

with an infinite variable of degree and gist,

energy produced, cold in existence,

representing infinity and the finite.

Planes of drastic angles, diverse equality,

unequal in equations of pattern association.

Power struggles to free itself from artistic mood,

yet remains as stoic as mild manner Mark.

Unequivocal to measurement,

foundation based on number,

interfaced by conjoining paths,

free to express feeling,

energy absorbed and consumed,

life abounding from it’s articulate mass.

Sexies Circumdare’; center of the universe.

Individualistic as the galaxies of the cosmos;

aware of the differences, yet one in effort.

Lines in the spectrum of life,

a conceptual being of death.

Unequivocal in energy, docile in production.

Dimensional planes parallel matter/anti-matter;

such as good-vs-evil…innocence-vs-guilt.

Lines pierce each sphere, current in knowledge…

an eternal wellspring of life,

a force in the cosmos,

linking past, present, and future…

the essence of time as time is of the essence…

so is all time an eternity in the realm of six circles.


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