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The Snake in Dreams

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If you look for the meaning of the snake in dreams you find vague interpretations, without a concrete definition.

The truth is that the snake can have different meanings, depending on the life of the dreamer, because according to various cultural traditions, it has different symbolic meanings for many people. For example, people who belong to groups that give the snake a religious aspect, or the meaning of power and wisdom. However, the scientific and exact translation of the general meaning that the snake has in dreams, is the following:

A snake in our dreams represents a bad event which will cure us. The poison will be transformed into medicine, and thanks to the knowledge we have of what will happen to us, we will change our behavior forever.

This meaning reflects the irony that we can see in nature: from the snake’s poison we make an antidote that can cure its victims. The snake means a lot of suffering for you, but this suffering will help you achieve higher levels of knowledge and will help you change your behavior for the better. Carl Jung discovered the exact method according to which we can translate the dream messages; however his method is quite confused and vague.

Continuing his research into unknown regions of the psyche through dream interpretation, I could clearly see that the dream messages try to protect us from the craziness that is accumulated in the wild part of our conscience, which constantly tries to invade the human side of the conscience in order to destroy it and control the person’s behavior, instead of being tamed by the conscious mind that has human characteristics and respects other human beings.

Therefore I can clearly define the snake in dreams as a bad event that will cure the psyche. The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to protect you from the craziness that the wild and primitive anti-conscience tries to impose upon your human conscience, is making you aware that you are in danger or that you are making a very big mistake that has to be corrected for the preservation of your mental health.

For example, you are making a very serious moral mistake and betraying your spouse.

Certain nights you see in your dream a big snake and you wake up frightened. In a while, something happens and your husband or wife learns that you are not being loyal, which is a real catastrophe for you, because this fact destroys your relationship and reveals your immorality.

However, thanks to the discovery of your infidelity by your companion, your attitude changes completely and you never again betray him or her, understanding that you were not correct, thanks to this painful lesson. Or, you decide to get a divorce and put an end to a problematic relationship that is leading you to infidelity, since you are not satisfied with your companion.

This is why the bad event saves your life in fact, preserving your mental health, because if you did continue to be disloyal, you would have to face many problems that would be quite a lot worse than the simple discovery of your infidelity by your companion before more complications can happen in your life.

For example, a pregnancy and the problem of an illegitimate child; a betrayal by your secret lover; the discovery that he or she is married to someone you know; and other similar unexpected problems could turn your infidelity into a nightmare. You would find yourself in a horrible situation that would easily imprison you in the labyrinth of craziness, since you would try to find a solution following the suggestions of the absurd anti-conscience, which would force you to kill someone or commit suicide in the end.

So, even though in the beginning you have to face serious problems, the snake represents in fact a salvation for you, since it represents the correction of a serious mistake or the awareness of a great danger.


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