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Snakes That Scare Me in My Dreams

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I had a dream this morning when I fell back asleep. I was at my job at the YMCA and I had two cages with snakes in them. I had a rat snake, which I felt uneasy about, and a king snake, which I thought was a coral snake until I realized that it was black and white. Somehow the rat snake got out and coiled around my left ankle and started to squeeze it. I was scared and asked my boss for one of our parent’s number who deals with snakes. She was the opposite of what she is in real life, which I thought was strange. She told me that I had to deal with it myself, and that she wouldn’t give me the number.

Somehow I got the snake in the other cage with the king snake, where it started to eat it. I panicked and felt a little guilty, but I couldn’t help it; I was scared of getting bitten. Then when I went to go get help, our cook who is always smiling and nice came around the corner very bitter and “ugly,” saying that I needed to keep my messes to one place and she was holding parts of the snake. I said OK and looked down and saw a Okie T corn snake. I remembered I had one when I was a kid, and I picked it up. I put into the cage with the king snake and the okie corn snake started to eat the king snake.

I panicked but then became very confused; I reached my hand in the cage to uncoil them and help the king snake and I was bitten by the corn snake. It bothered me a lot. When I woke up, my left ankle was still hurting, but I guess my boyfriend fell on my ankle when climbing back in bed earlier that morning. But what is even more confusing than the snakes is why it all happened on my left side, not my right, when I am right handed. Can someone help?


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