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Spider Dream

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A spider in a dream must alarm you. It represents a danger that you are not seeing. It will bring you bad future consequences if you won’t act fast. In other words, there is something very important that you have to understand or to do without delay.

Warnings in dreams must be respected. They are objective information from a guaranteed source: the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. The unconscious mind is our natural doctor and protector. We must pay attention to the dream warnings the same way we pay attention to all warnings in our daily lives.

A spider in a dream is always a very serious warning. The spider is a hidden enemy. Its web is an invisible trap in the air, which in time will kill the victims it imprisons. This means that the spider represents very serious consequences in the future ahead if we won’t act fast (preventing the spider to spread its invisible trap in the air). The consequences of our negligence will cause us serious problems in the future, stretching over many years. It can therefore, be responsible for many years of constant suffering.

Popular dream interpretations and false methods of interpretations, have completely distorted the meaning of dreams. This is why most people don’t believe dreams should be taken seriously. Believing in the importance of dreams seems to be like believing in a superstition. However, the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung, and my discoveries after continuing his research, prove to humanity that dreams are essential. Their messages must be respected because they save our lives.

Working like a natural doctor, the unconscious mind that produces our dreams sends us warnings when our lives and reputations are in danger. All deceptions of life could cause a mental illness because we have inherited an absurd content in the wild side of our conscience (the anti-conscience). The anti conscience uses our mistakes in order to provoke mental illnesses or mental disorders within our human mind. It wants to control our behavior instead of being tamed by our sensibility.

The anti-conscience has great energy which can also provoke sad situations, compelling us to make fatal mistakes. If we follow its absurd suggestions or if we fall into its sneaky traps, we’ll lose control and do something terrible. Or, we will make many foolish mistakes as a result of other peoples’ evilness.

The protection of warnings in dreams will prevent you from forgetting serious obligations or problems that could have tragic consequences. It will open your eyes when you won’t pay attention to something very important for your social image. It will also help you act wisely in dangerous situations that require great courage.

The unconscious mind protects your mental health and happiness through dream symbols like the spider, so that you may react and understand what you have to do. Instead of passively waiting for the sad situations that are awaiting you, you’ll prevent what would be very bad for you and your life. The unconscious mind will show you in your own dreams how you’ll be able to overcome all difficulties. You’ll prepare favorable situations for your future, while developing your own intelligence through dream translation.


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