Stalker Steve: A Series of Dreams in One Night

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Dream 1: I have two sisters and different parents. We’re on a cruise ship and we hear gunshots from another cabin. Blood started sinking through the wall, when we went to see what happened there were two dead guys lying on the floor. Somehow we all ended up in a house in the middle of the woods. There was a creepy stalker guy named Steve who took turns electrocuting and raping us.

Dream 2: Me and my friend Cassie are at an aquarium, swimming in the tank. She gets sucked into the drain somehow and was drowning. So then I swam up and started pressing a bunch of buttons on the control panel to the tank. People kept asking me what I was doing and I just said, “My friend is drowning!” Then I pressed a button and the glass shattered and the whole room started filling up with water. So I grabbed Cassie and started swimming away. The Stalker Steve came along and took us back to his house. He brought out a drill and said “Here’s a fun toy, play with it.” and then I yelled “You’re not killing me with this!” and started beating the drill on the floor. Then he brought out a hammer and looked really mad. I did the same thing as the drill and beat it on the floor. Then he brought out a baseball bat and I said “Well, at least it’s not a tool this time.” and then I beat it on the floor too. He grabbed me and electrocuted me … apparently he likes shocking people.

Dream 3: Me, my sisters and my mom were looking outside the window and saw cops all around there. So we automatically thought Stalker Steve was back, I turned around and my mom was gone. There were three windows in that room so I turned to another window and saw a big picture of my mom. I knew she was dead. And then it changed to us running in the woods with a guy from my school and I was positioning people to where they could see and warn us if Stalker Steve was coming. Then me, CJ, and my sisters found a closet in the woods and went in there to hide. Then we heard gunshots and peeked out to see that everybody was dead. As we were peeking out, Stalker Steve came over and shot us all.


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