Strange Dream—Please Interpret

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Since a young age, I have been prone to strange dreams. At one point, I did attend dream therapy of some sort and it helped for a short time to resolve some issues. 

Last night I had a dream that I was with a group of my close friends, and it seemed we were a part of a travel group. We left the place were we were staying, which seemed like a clean hostel, and began to walk somewhere. In this massive city square I seemed to believe we were in Boston.

I then saw my friend Josh, but continued to walk while my friend went over to talk to him. I was confused because I had no idea she knew him. We were looking for bathrooms and finally found this public bathroom that was half indoor and half outdoor. While my two girlfriends and I waited for the bathroom we noticed that the tips for the bathroom attendant were left with no one watching. The window let in some wind and the money was beginning to move around. It was in Euros and there were 100 Euro bills. 

I looked at my friend Samantha and she showed me one of the bills she had taken. My other friend Christine showed me the same. I wanted the money so badly, so I went over to take some. I took a 100 Euro bill and it wouldn’t go into my pocket. The attendant appeared and was looking at me. I felt overwhelmed with guilt and wanted to return the bill. I fiddled with my pocket to try and put it in discreetly so she wouldn’t see me trying to hide it, but it wouldn’t work. I waited until she walked away again and placed the bill back on the stack. 

Finally, I was able to go to the bathroom. I had my tote bag with me and placed it down with my scrapbook that I have kept for the past five years or so. The scrapbook is something I hold on to and it holds all my memories and my life. I sat down on the toilet and realized that the stalls only covered the toilets, so you could see everyone’s heads. I looked over and saw my good friend Brad. I was embarrassed but didn’t express it. Throughout the period of time I was on that toilet the stall fluctuated between being nonexistent and halfway there, either way I was exposed. Brad’s younger brother appeared and was talking to me. I felt so uncomfortable. When it came time for me to get up there was no stall around me and I did not know how to act. I finally got up and looked for my bag.

As it turns out, I had placed my bag and scrapbook into the toilet. The toilet were similar to a portapotty, they didn’t flush. I was so upset but ready to leave my bag in there until I saw my scrapbook. I could not reach down to it and decided to tip over the portapotty to get my things out. Every one of my friends was telling me to let the things go and I wanted to but could not. The bathroom attendant handed me purell and I began to pour purell over my things. My canvas bag was completely fine and dry, but my scrapbook was not. I frantically poured the Purell on and started to wash it off. Nothing on any of my belongings was a recognizable substance. It was just liquid. I took my scrapbook and began to suck on a part of it, which made my friend Samantha reply in shock. I said “Ew, it tastes like …” and she looked like she didn’t want to hear anything more. I then completed my sentence, “It tastes like Purell. Ew …” And it did taste like Purell. Like a strong astringent smell. 

I woke up soon after that, and the rest of the dream is too blurry to remember, but it seems to be sticking with me and I wont be able to shake it until I find out some meaning of some sort. Please interpret.


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