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That Stupid Lady!

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I was in some sort of office and got into an elevator with a bunch of people. We were over the capacity the elevator can hold and this lady walks up and pushes the call button. The elevator went ding and the ropes snapped and we began plummeting down at a fast speed. Everybody was thrown from one side to the other and for some reason I closed my eyes, put my hands together, and started yelling “God, PLEASE let us land in some water! Please let us land in some water!” So then we landed in a huge dark tank that resembled an ocean. As the elevator went down and down and down, I got scared and started swimming up and up and up. I got through the top where the roof was ripped off and I climbed out of the tank and back into the office lobby. They had a big fishing machine and were trying to search for bodies while all the survivors stood around in towels. The machine pulled up what was supposed to be a body in the dream but really was a mannequin with a wig. Then we all turned around and saw the stupid lady who pushed the ding button and we all glared at her and then she ran away. Then I woke up.


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