The Symbolism of the Trip to the Self

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My work proves that Carl Jung’s dream theories were not hypothetical, but real discoveries. He had proved to the world that he had discovered the real meaning of dreams through many ways. However, his psychology is too complicated and his method of dream interpretation, too time consuming. This is why only a few people could follow his steps and realize that he could really understand the dream language.

The most convincing proof he provided us was the description of the symbolism contained in the dreams that reflect the trip to the self, the center of the human psyche, where they will meet the unconscious mind. Jung verified that all dreamers who follow the unconscious guidance in their dreams see the same sequence of dream symbols in their journey and in the same order.

The dream symbols that compose the trip to the self work like a map. The dreamers understand that they are following the right route while speculating the content of their psyche because they see the symbols that mark the trip to the self in their dreams.

The same symbols also appear in many literary works, written by many different authors throughout our history, reflecting the same psychical speculation. This is another proof of the veracity of Jung’s discoveries.

The symbols that compose the trip to the self are many. The first symbol is the road, which indicates the beginning of their research. The second symbol indicates the temptation to sleep in the road and forget the obligation to meet the self.

The third symbol is the dwarf, who represents the erroneous attitude of those who believe that they have already found the truth from the beginning. They cannot evolve without discovering a lot more, and this is why their growth remains in the same level. This symbol is a serious warning.

The fourth symbol reflects the petrifaction of the heroes who remain at the same point, without continuing their trip. This symbol is another warning to the lazy dreamers or literary authors. It advises them that if they will stop the research, they will be like static rocks that can go nowhere.

When the heroes manage to pass the first temptations, the symbolism changes completely. They will then see their body being shared into different parts, as if they were passing through a surgical operation. This is the most important part of the trip. It indicates that the heroes have finally managed to discover all the components of their psyche.

The next symbols indicate the penetration in the unknown region of their psyche. They will see the cave, and the death of their ego. This means that they will stop considering their human conscience as if it was the center of their psyche, recognizing that their personality is also composed by their wild nature. Jung thought that this part belonged to the unconscious mind, but I discovered that the wild personality found in the human psyche belongs to the anti-conscience, our primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

The next symbols will mark the end of the trip, the arrival to the self, and the completion of the heroes’ mission. The dreamers will find the unconscious mind, recognizing the depth of their ignorance.

I passed through the trip to the self twice. First, as an author, since I was a literature writer who used to write inspired by the unconscious wisdom. Later, I passed through the same trip through dream interpretation.

My first trip to the self through literature begun when I was sixteen years old, after suffering a tragic car accident the previous year. I lost my friend Marina, who was next to me in the car. I lost my memory, the coordination of my movements, my vision, and my intelligence. My gradual recuperation was a true miracle.

After this terrible accident I also lost my faith. I became very aggressive. I then started writing a very strange and complicated book entitled The Philanthropic Beggar, which was never published. It was written in Portuguese because I’m Brazilian. I took six years to write it.

The translation of the symbolic meaning of this literary work gave me the key of total knowledge, when I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams. Thanks to the symbolism I found in this book, I could easily understand the meaning of all the dream symbols that Jung couldn’t define.

In my first trip to the self through my own literature work, the philanthropic beggar (the main character) and his granddaughter couldn’t find the solution to all problems pertaining to human existence. They wanted to put an end to poverty and to the invisible war that separates all human beings.

They found only obstacles, false theories, and many impossibilities. They had only enemies, and nobody respected them because they were very poor.

So, my first trip to the self ended in failure. However, I accepted waiting for the future, when I would perhaps be able to find a solution. My literary work ends with a seed that some day would become a tree. This tree would put a definitive end to human hunger.

My second trip to the self through dream interpretation was fascinating. I saw in my dreams the same series of dream symbols that all dreamers see when they make the trip to the unknown content of their psyche, as described by Carl Jung. It was really impressive!

The end of my second trip to the self was totally different. This time I found the solution I needed. The solution was my obedience to the wise guidance of the unconscious mind.

Therefore, in my first trip to the self through literature I understood that I was not able to put an end to the human misery. I had to recognize that I would never be able to solve all human problems with my ideas.

I had to understand that I was ignorant, so that I would begin to obey the unconscious wisdom when I made my second trip to the self through dream interpretation. Only because I rigidly obeyed the unconscious guidance in my dreams could I eliminate schizophrenia, which was threatening my mental health. I would become schizophrenic like my father because the absurdity I had inherited in my anti-conscience was too strong.

My salvation is another convincing proof that Carl Jung really discovered the hidden meaning of dreams and their healing power. Only because I precisely followed his lessons could I be in contact with the unconscious mind, and overcome my neurosis before it would become schizophrenia.

Pay attention to your dreams and write them down regularly. Study my simple method of dream translation, which is very clear and directly shows you the meaning of the dream symbols. It’s based on Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries, after continuing his research. You will then make your own trip to the Self, finding all the solutions you need.


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