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To dream of seeing a nude back, denotes loss of power. Lending advice or money is dangerous. Sickness often attends this dream. To see a person turn and walk away from you, you may be sure envy and jealousy are working to your hurt. To dream of your own back, bodes no good to the dreamer.

skeleton clowns

Ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago, bad break up, I'm having a hard time with the fact that he went back to a chick he was dating before me. Lately, I have been having nightmares of skeleton clowns chasing me. Not the same dream but the same skeleton clown figures. Ex has a half sleeve tattoo of skeleton clowns.

A Missed Uncle

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I have had a dream the last two nights of my uncle who was killed back on April 25, 1980 at the age of 25. He laid himself across a set of railroad tracks in the south suburbs in the early morning and was killed instantly.

Ominous Visit

an elderly woman she had black eyes. a young boy eleven years old. a grown man the boys father named Jack. a big house. the elderly woman turned out to be my deceased grandmother. i was there to visit but rekindle the friendship with Jack from my childhood.


I was in a car full of my friends and someone that I like. we were getting dropped off out our own houses and I was the first to be dropped off and my house was bright blue. my friends mom passed my house so she dropped me off down the street but when I got out of the car I was further from where she dropped me off.

Profound Dream

Had a dream last night about a native American. He showed me a painting of an eagle then it turned into a real eagle. He talk about the woman on his land having babies. Then I ask him how many people lived on his land? He said 1500.

Frightening Dream

All I know is that in my dream, I was on vacation in Florida with my family, which I recently was in reality. The condo was the same and the people were the same. In my dream though, I guess there was a lightning show and I went to go find my camera. But the way I was going turned into a little village.

My dead dog is my bestfriend comes back to life af

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i was laying on the ground looking at the clouds and all i hear is this heavy breathing. i thought it was someone running, so looked over at them. But when i looked over it was my dead dog that had been dead for 2years. i couldn't believe it. i was so happy she was back although i was worried how it happened too.

Screaming Man

A sort of set of recurring dreams, they all start realistically for the most part. Me with friends, at or outside of school or me spending time with Preston when someone, most often a man, will approach me. I never recognize them and feel myself looking at them in confusion but willingly holding a basic "how are you?" conversation with them.