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To see white roses in a bathroom, and yellow ones in a box, denote that sickness will interfere with pleasure; but more lasting joys will result from this disappointment.

For a young woman to dream of a bathroom, foretells that her inclinations trend too much toward light pleasures and frivolities.

Mfixed emotions

I dreamt that me and my ex were together and then he asked me to be together again.I replied no,why am I gonna go out with you? So you can hurt me again?.i stormed out and into a bathroom and locked the door,but the knob came off,and took a bath in a big old fashion tub.


i had this dream last night that really scared me. i was in my bathroom popping a zit and then my whole cheek like exploated and then all the like tendans and my vocal coards in my throat broke and it was just really nasty. can you please tell me what it means?

My scary dream

My dad was sitting down on the couch and I was falling asleep and I noticed he was not there anymore and then I heard a scream and bang like something hit the ground I went upstairs in my dads room and saw blood every where it scared me I go in the bathroom my mom was laying dead on the bathroom floor and I go to my dads room an


My grandmother brought a little boy to come stay with Me and my mom. While we were sll talkung about where he would sleep, I noticed he had fallen asleep and was bleeding. Somehow a fork ended up shoved into his thigh and thats what was causing the blood. My friend was thereand the little boy woke up and stabbed her.

Crazy Life

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My ex and i were in the bathroom of a church when a dark wedding was going on. He and i got into a fight. This made his current lover mad who then tried killing me. i killed him instead.

dark wonders

i’m harry potter and i’m with this family that hates me. were going into a huge school. and the dad dies because he touched me. the mom keeps an eye on me and we head downstairs. its dark and i know what’s going to happen.