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A bed, clean and white, denotes peaceful surcease of worries. For a woman to dream of making a bed, signifies a new lover and pleasant occupation. To dream of being in bed, if in a strange room, unexpected friends will visit you. If a sick person dreams of being in bed, new complications will arise, and, perhaps, death. To dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the open air, foretells that you will have delightful experiences, and opportunity for improving your fortune. To see a friend looking very pale, lying in bed, signifies strange and woeful complications will oppress your friends, bringing discontent to yourself. For a mother to dream that her child wets a bed, foretells she will have unusual anxiety, and persons sick, will not reach recovery as early as may be expected. For persons to dream that they wet the bed, denotes sickness, or a tragedy will interfere with their daily routine of business.

crazy dreams

i was in this house with my wife she went to make the bed for us. I hered a nose and look through the peep hoil and the was a black eye looking back at me it was she backd off and seing there was a man and little girl with her.


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I walk into my house, I do not know where I was, where I came from or how I got home, and see the same four dead people everywhere. They are on my bed, couch,my kids' room the kitchen and the basement. I do not know them, but I am saddened when I look at them.

forbidden consent

i had a dream that i approached my younger sister to flirt with her and after a few hours of us hanging out and me flirting with her, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips, as soon as she did we began making out, after about half an hour i took off her pants and went down on her, later we were laying in bed, she was naked while i was still clothed and we cuddled, the dream ended with her telling me tht it w

I guess I'm in love

Ok, so there is this boy I think he likes me in real life. so In this dream. I think me and this boy are boyfriend and girlfriend. So I really don't know where it starts off, ok so me and this boy are walking together and are always together, in this dream. His ex girlfriend who is also my friend Is in this dream. So he says that in a day or two he's gonna get hit by a car and die. I was very like sad.

strange but true

I went to sleep with a guy I'm dating in his bed at his home and I dreamt that it was a sunny day and we spent the entire day in bed together laughing and loving and with no plans, intent or even talk of doing so we stayed in bed and did the same events